Gladiator skills


Here i have some skill builds of Gladiator, which i want to share with u...

I'm using 2 kinds of skill build.
     pure  PVE
     Pure  PVP

First we start from pure gladiator build, which has no moonlord skills..

(Note: This skill build is for pur3 gladiator PVE build)

U have to use 45 SP for warrior to learn ulti skill, and 65 SP to learn anything from gladiator tree...

Skills and its effect

  • Here i didnt learn raising slash. This is pure PVE build. and it required atleast lvl 8 for decent damage. So i didn't spend SP on that skill
  • Circle break: I raised its level to 14. so it can damage 7.6k. so it will be useful. 
  • Triple slash: This is thee gladiator's EX skill "triple slash EX". So at lvl 12 it deals with great damage
  • Front shrove: This skill is worth to be maxed. it has 12k damage. And this skill will be the next EX skill in 60lvl cap
  • Rage: This skill deals with greate damage to the enemy, with 26k damage.
  • Eclipse: It attack and pulls the enemy to you. It should be maxed to get a decent damage, and also very useful skill

 Now, this build is without parry stance..I didnt use parry stance here

This build has no parry, and raising slash lvl6.

Now here i have some build for PVP ...

Cyclone slash will give some time for skill cooldown or used to hold the enemy...                                               
Below some different skill build i have shared.

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